Pauses for user input of a rectangle's second corner

(getcorner pt [msg]) 

The getcorner function takes a base point argument, based on the current UCS, and draws a rectangle from that point as the user moves the crosshairs on the screen.

The user cannot enter another AutoLISP expression in response to a getcorner request.



A point to be used as the base point.


A string to be displayed to prompt the user.

Return Values

The getcorner function returns a point in the current UCS, similar to getpoint. If the user supplies a 3D point, its Z coordinate is ignored. The current elevation is used as the Z coordinate.


Command: (getcorner '(7.64935 6.02964 0.0))

(17.2066 1.47628 0.0)

Command: (getcorner '(7.64935 6.02964 0.0) "Pick a corner")

Pick a corner(15.9584 2.40119 0.0)

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