Pauses for user input of a distance

(getdist [pt] [msg]) 

The user can specify the distance by selecting two points, or by specifying just the second point, if a base point is provided. The user can also specify a distance by entering a number in the AutoCAD current distance units format. Although the current distance units format might be in feet and inches (architectural), the getdist function always returns the distance as a real.

The getdist function draws a rubber-band line from the first point to the current crosshairs position to help the user visualize the distance.

The user cannot enter another AutoLISP expression in response to a getdist request.



A 2D or 3D point to be used as the base point in the current UCS. If pt is provided, the user is prompted for the second point.


A string to be displayed to prompt the user. If no string is supplied, AutoCAD does not display a message.

Return Values

A real number. If a 3D point is provided, the returned value is a 3D distance. However, setting the 64 bit of the initget function instructs getdist to ignore the Z component of 3D points and to return a 2D distance.


(setq dist (getdist)) 
(setq dist (getdist '(1.0 3.5))) 
(setq dist (getdist "How far ")) 
(setq dist (getdist '(1.0 3.5) "How far? "))
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