Pauses for user input of an angle, and returns that angle in radians

(getorient [pt] [msg]) 

The getorient function measures angles with the zero-radian direction to the right (east) and angles that are increasing in the counterclockwise direction. The angle input by the user is based on the current settings of ANGDIR and ANGBASE, but once an angle is provided, it is measured in a counterclockwise direction, with zero radians being to the right (ignoring ANGDIR and ANGBASE). Therefore, some conversion must take place if you select a different zero-degree base or a different direction for increasing angles by using the UNITS command or the ANGBASE and ANGDIR system variables in the Command Reference.

Use getangle when you need a rotation amount (a relative angle). Use getorient to obtain an orientation (an absolute angle).

The user cannot enter another AutoLISP expression as the response to a getorient request.



A 2D base point in the current UCS.

The pt argument, if specified, is assumed to be the first of two points, so that the user can show AutoLISP the angle by pointing to one other point. You can supply a 3D base point, but the angle is always measured in the current construction plane.


A string to be displayed to prompt the user.

Return Values

The angle specified by the user, in radians, with respect to the current construction plane.


Command: (setq pt1 (getpoint "Pick point: "))

(4.55028 5.84722 0.0)

Command: (getorient pt1 "Pick point: ")


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