Pauses for user input of a string, and returns that string

(getstring [cr][msg]) 

The user cannot enter another AutoLISP expression as the response to a getstring request.



If supplied and not nil, this argument indicates that users can include blanks in their input string (and must terminate the string by pressing ENTER). Otherwise, the input string is terminated by entering a space or pressing ENTER.


A string to be displayed to prompt the user.

Return Values

The string entered by the user; otherwise nil, if the user pressed ENTER without typing a string.

If the string is longer than 132 characters, getstring returns only the first 132 characters of the string. If the input string contains the backslash character (\), getstring converts it to two backslash characters (\\). This allows you to use returned values containing file name paths in other functions.


Command: (setq s (getstring "What's your first name? "))

What's your first name? Gary


Command: (setq s (getstring T "What's your full name? "))

What's your full name? Gary Indiana Jones

"Gary Indiana Jones"

Command: (setq s (getstring T "Enter filename: "))

Enter filename: c:\my documents\vlisp\secrets

"c:\\my documents\\vlisp\\secrets"

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