Takes any number of expressions and combines them into one list

(list [expr...])

This function is frequently used to define a 2D or 3D point variable (a list of two or three reals).



An AutoLISP expression.

Return Values

A list, unless no expressions are supplied, in which case list returns nil.


_$ (list 'a 'b 'c)
(A B C) 
_$ (list 'a '(b c) 'd)
(A (B C) D) 
_$ (list 3.9 6.7)
(3.9 6.7)

As an alternative to using the list function, you can explicitly quote a list with the quote function if there are no variables or undefined items in the list. The single quote character (') is defined as the quote function.

_$ '(3.9 6.7)means the same as  (list 3.9 6.7)

This can be useful for creating association lists and defining points.

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