Begins a new dialog box and displays it, and can also specify a default action

(new_dialog dlgname dcl_id [action



A string that specifies the dialog box.


The DCL file identifier obtained by load_dialog.


A string that contains an AutoLISP expression to use as the default action. If you don't want to define a default action, specify an empty string (""). The action argument is required if you specify screen-pt.

The default action is evaluated when the user picks an active tile that doesn't have an action or callback explicitly assigned to it by action_tile or in DCL.


A 2D point list that specifies the X,Y location of the dialog box on the screen. The point specifies the upper-left corner of the dialog box. If you pass the point as'(-1 -1), the dialog box is opened in the default position (the center of the AutoCAD drawing area).

Return Values

T, if successful; otherwise nil.

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