Reads a string from the keyboard or from an open file, until an end-of-line marker is encountered

(read-line [file-desc]) 



A file descriptor (obtained from open) referring to an open file. If no file-desc is specified, read-line obtains input from the keyboard input buffer.

Return Values

The string read by read-line, without the end-of-line marker. If read-line encounters the end of the file, it returns nil.


Open a file for reading:

Command: (setq f (open "c:\\my documents\\new.tst" "r"))

#<file "c:\\my documents\\new.tst">

Use read-line to read a line from the file:

Command: (read-line f)

"To boldly go where nomad has gone before."

Obtain a line of input from the user:

Command: (read-line)

To boldly go

"To boldly go"