Redraws the current viewport or a specified object (entity) in the current viewport

(redraw [ename [mode]]) 

If redraw is called with no arguments, the function redraws the current viewport. If called with an entity name argument, redraw redraws the specified entity.

The redraw function has no effect on highlighted or hidden entities; however, a REGEN command forces the entities to redisplay in their normal manner.



The name of the entity name to be redrawn.


An integer value that controls the visibility and highlighting of the entity. The mode can be one of the following values:

1 Show entity

2 Hide entity (blank it out)

3 Highlight entity

4 Unhighlight entity

The use of entity highlighting (mode 3) must be balanced with entity unhighlighting (mode 4).

If ename is the header of a complex entity (a polyline or a block reference with attributes), redraw processes the main entity and all its subentities if the mode argument is positive. If the mode argument is negative, redraw operates on only the header entity.

Return Values

The redraw function always returns nil.