Starts the processing of a list in the list box or in the pop-up list dialog box tile

(start_list key [operation [index]])

Subsequent calls to add_list affect the list started by start_list until the application calls end_list.



A string that specifies the dialog box tile. The key argument is case-sensitive.


An integer indicating the type of list operation to perform. You can specify one of the following:

1 Change selected list contents

2 Append new list entry

3 Delete old list and create new list (the default)


A number indicating the list item to change by the subsequent add_list call. The first item in the list is index 0. If not specified, index defaults to 0.

The index argument is ignored if start_list is not performing a change operation.

Return Values

The name of the list that was started.

NoteDo not use the set_tile function between start_list and end_list function calls.