Searches a symbol table for a symbol name

(tblsearch table-name symbol [setnext]) 



A string that identifies the symbol table to be searched. This argument is not case-sensitive.


A string identifying the symbol name to be searched for. This argument is not case-sensitive.


If this argument is supplied and is not nil, the tblnext entry counter is adjusted so the following tblnext call returns the entry after the one returned by this tblsearch call. Otherwise, tblsearch has no effect on the order of entries retrieved by tblnext.

Return Values

If tblsearch finds an entry for the given symbol name, it returns that entry in the format described for tblnext. If no entry is found, tblsearch returns nil.


The following command searches for a text style named “standard”:

Command: (tblsearch "style" "standard")

((0 . "STYLE") (2 . "STANDARD") (70 . 0) (40 . 0.0) (41 . 1.0) (50 . 0.0) (71 . 0) (42 . 0.3) (3 . "txt") (4 . ""))