Returns the closest point (in WCS) on a curve after projecting the curve onto a plane

(vlax-curve-getClosestPointToProjection curve-obj givenPnt normal[extend])



The VLA-object to be measured.


A point (in WCS) for which to find the nearest point on the curve.


A normal vector (in WCS) for the plane to project onto.


If specified and not nil, vlax-curve-getClosestPointToProjection extends the curve when searching for the nearest point.

vlax-curve-getClosestPointToProjection projects the curve onto the plane defined by the givenPnt and normal, and then calculates the nearest point on that projected curve to givenPnt. The resulting point is then projected back onto the original curve, and vlax-curve-getClosestPointToProjection returns that projected point.

Return Values

A 3D point list representing a point on the curve, if successful; otherwise nil.