Returns an element from an array

(vlax-safearray-get-element var element...)



A variable whose data type is a safearray.


Integers specifying the indexes of the element to be retrieved. For an array with one dimension, specify a single integer. For multi-dimension arrays, specify as many indexes as there are dimensions.

Return Values

The value of the element.


Create an array with two dimensions, each dimension starting at index 1:

_$ (setq matrix (vlax-make-safearray
vlax-vbString '(1 . 2) '(1 . 2) ))

Use vlax-safearray-put-element to populate the array:

_$ (vlax-safearray-put-element
matrix 1 1 "a")
_$ (vlax-safearray-put-element
matrix 1 2 "b")
_$ (vlax-safearray-put-element
matrix 2 1 "c")
_$ (vlax-safearray-put-element
matrix 2 2 "d")

Use vlax-safearray-get-element to retrieve the second element in the first dimension of the array:

_$ (vlax-safearray-get-element
matrix 1 2)
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