Constructs an editor reactor object that notifies of a deep clone event

(vlr-deepclone-reactor datacallbacks)



Any AutoLISP data to be associated with the reactor object; otherwise nil if no data.


A list of pairs of the following form:

(event-name . callback_function)

where event-name is one of the symbols listed in the “DeepClone reactor events” table below, and callback_function is a symbol representing a function to be called when the event fires. Each callback function accepts two arguments:

reactor_object The VLR object that called the callback function.

list A list of extra data elements associated with the particular event. The contents of this list for particular events are shown in the “DeepClone reactor callback data” table.

Return Values

The reactor_object argument.

DeepClone reactor events

Event name



A deep clone operation is beginning.


A deep clone operation has two stages. First, each object and any owned objects are cloned. Second, any object ID references are translated to their cloned IDs. This callback occurs between these two stages.


A deep clone operation is aborting.


A deep clone operation is ending.

DeepClone reactor callback data


List length









An integer containing the return error status; if this value indicates an error, the deep clone operation is terminated