Removing Reactors

Use the vlr-remove function to disable a reactor. Disabling the reactor does not delete it: the Reactor object still exists and you can activate it again using the vlr-add function. To determine whether or not a reactor is active (registered to AutoCAD), use the vlr-added-p function:

_$ (vlr-added-p circleReactor)

The vlr-added-p function returns T if the reactor is active, nil if it is not.

The following command disables reactor circleReactor:

_$ (vlr-remove circleReactor)

You can use vlr-added-p to verify the circleReactor object reactor has been disabled:

$ (vlr-added-p circleReactor)

To enable the circleReactor reactor, use vlr-add:

$ (vlr-add circleReactor)

You can use the vlr-remove-all function to disable all reactors in your drawing. To disable all reactors of a particular type, specify the reactor type when calling vlr-remove-all. The following function call disables all object reactors:

$ (vlr-remove-all :vlr-object-reactor)