Defining a Project

To demonstrate the use of projects in VLISP, you can use the sample programs supplied with the AutoLISP Tutorial. This code is available on the AutoCAD. installation CD, but the tutorial files are only included in your installation if you choose a Full install, or if you choose Custom install and select the Tutorials item. If you have already installed AutoCAD and did not install the samples, you can rerun the installation, choose Custom, and select only the Tutorials item.

The sample files used in this chapter are in the Tutorial\VisualLISP\Lesson5 folder of the AutoCAD default installation directory. The files are

To create a VLISP project, choose Project New Project from the VLISP menu. VLISP displays a standard Windows dialog box for you to specify a file path and name. For the example in this chapter, the project name is Tutorial. VLISP assigns a .prj extension to the project file name.