ActiveX Data Conversion Functions

The following table provides summary descriptions of the AutoLISP ActiveX data conversion functions.

Data conversion functions



( vlax-3D-pointlist)

Creates an ActiveX-compatible 3D point structure

( vlax-ename->vla-object


Transforms entity to VLA-object

( vlax-make-safearraytype

'(l-bound . u-bound)

[ '(l-bound . u-bound)...)]

Creates a safearray

( vlax-make-variantvaluetype)

Creates a variant data type

( vlax-safearray-fillvar '


Stores elements in a safearray

( vlax-safearray-get-dimvar)

Returns the number of dimensions in a safearray object

( vlax-safearray-get-elementvarelement)

Returns an element from an array

( vlax-safearray-get-l-boundvardim)

Returns the lower boundary (starting index) of a dimension of an array

( vlax-safearray-get-u-boundvardim)

Returns the upper boundary (end index) of a dimension of an array

( vlax-safearray-put-elementvar

element value)

Adds or updates an element in an array

( vlax-safearray-typevar)

Returns the data type of a safearray

( vlax-safearray->listvar)

Returns the elements of a safearray in list form

( vlax-tmatrixlist)

Returns a suitable representation for a 4 x 4 transformation matrix to be used in VLA methods

( vlax-variant-change-typevartype)

Returns the value of a variant after changing it from one data type to another

( vlax-variant-typevar)

Returns the data type of a variant

( vlax-variant-valuevar)

Returns the value of a variant

( vlax-vla-object->enameobj)

Transforms a VLA-object to an AutoLISP entity