VLX Namespace Functions

The VLX namespace functions listed below apply to separate-namespace VLX applications. These functions allow separate-namespace VLX functions to be accessible from a document namespace, enable the retrieval and updating of variables in the associated document namespace, and provide error-handling routines for separate-namespace VLX functions.

VLX namespace functions



( vl-arx-import

[function | application]

Imports ADS-DEFUN functions into a separate-namespace VLX

( vl-doc-export 'function)

Makes a function loaded in a VLX namespace available to the current document

( vl-doc-import

['function | application])

Imports a function that was previously exported from another separate-namespace VLX

( vl-doc-refsymbol)

Retrieves the value of a variable from the namespace of the associated document

( vl-doc-setsymbolvalue)

Sets the value of a variable in the associated document's namespace

( vl-exit-with-errormsg”)

Passes control from a VLX error handler to the *error* function of the associated document namespace

( vl-exit-with-valuevalue)

Returns a value to the document namespace from which the VLX was invoked

( vl-list-exported-functions [“appname”])

Lists all functions exported by the specified application, or all exported functions if no application is specified

( vl-list-loaded-vlx)

Returns a list of all separate-namespace VLX files associated with the current document

( vl-unload-vlxappname”)

Unloads a VLX that is loaded in its own namespace (a separate-namespace VLX)

( vl-vlx-loaded-pappname”)

Determines whether a VLX is loaded in its own namespace