mnemonic = "char"; 

Specifies a keyboard mnemonic character for the tile. The mnemonic is underlined in the tile's label. A possible value is a quoted string of a single character (no default). The character must be one of the letters in the tile's label. The character doesn't have to be unique to the dialog box. If more than one tile has the same mnemonic, the user presses that key to cycle through the tiles sequentially.

From the user's point of view, mnemonics aren't case-sensitive. For example, if a button's mnemonic character is A,entering either a or A gives the A button focus. However, in the DCL file the mnemonic must be one of the characters in the tile's label, and it must be capitalized as it appears in the label string.

Mnemonics change focus. If the user specifies a mnemonic key for a tile that contains a group of items, such as a cluster or a list box, the focus is put on the first item in the tile that is a tab stop. Any active tile is a tab stop unless its is_tab_stop attribute is set to false.

NoteThe label attribute can also specify a mnemonic character.