Nesting Dialog Boxes

You create and manage nested dialog boxes by calling new_dialog and start_dialog from within an action expression or callback function. For example, by including the following statement, a function can display the “Hello, world” box when the user chooses the button called button_1:

(action_tile "button_1" "(c:hello)")

The user must exit the nested dialog box before using the previous dialog box again.

AutoCAD imposes a limit of no more than eight nested dialog boxes, but to avoid confusion it is recommended you nest dialog boxes no deeper than four levels.

WarningIf you display nested dialog boxes by multiple new_dialog calls, be careful to balance each new_dialog call with a corresponding done_dialog call (whether called from a callback or not). Otherwise, your application may fail.

The term_dialog function terminates all current dialog boxes as if the user had canceled each of them. You can use this function if you need to cancel a series of nested dialog boxes.