Requesting a Password

The following examples show how to use a simple dialog box to request a password from users.

The getpass.dcl file defines a dialog box named passdlg, which contains two tiles: the edit_box tile where the user enters the password, and the ok_cancel tile. It uses the password_char DCL attribute to mask the text a user enters:

passdlg : dialog {
  label = "Password Protected";
  : edit_box {
	label = "Password:";
	edit_width = 20;
	key = "password";
	password_char = "?";

The getpass.lsp file defines the GETPASS function. This function loads the getpass.dcl file and displays the passdlg dialog box. When a user enters text into the edit box, it is masked by the password_char character defined in the DCL file. The action assigned to the edit box ensures that the characters entered by the user are set to the pass variable:

(defun GETPASS ( / dcl_id pass )
  (setq dcl_id (load_dialog "getpass.dcl"))
  (if (new_dialog "passdlg" dcl_id)
	(action_tile "password" "(setq pass $value)")
	(unload_dialog dcl_id)
	(princ "Error: Unable to load GETPASS.DCL. ")

The GETPASS function returns the string entered by the user.