Non-Graphic Object Handling

AutoCAD uses two types of non-graphical objects: dictionary objects and symbol table objects. Although there are similarities between these object types, they are handled differently.

All object types are supported by the entget, entmod, entdel, and entmake functions, although object types individually dictate their participation in these functions and may refuse any or all processing. With respect to AutoCAD built-in objects, the rules apply for symbol tables and for dictionary objects. For more information, see Symbol Table Objects and Dictionary Objects.

All rules and restrictions that apply to graphic objects apply to non-graphic objects as well. Non-graphic objects cannot be passed to the entupd function.

When using entmake, the object type determines where the object will reside. For example, if a layer object is passed to entmake, it automatically goes to the layer symbol table. If a graphic object is passed to entmake, it will reside in the current space (model or paper).