Interrupting Commands and Clearing the Console Input Area

To interrupt a command entered in the Console window, press SHIFT + ESC. For example, if you enter an invalid function call like the following:

_$ ((setq origin-x (car origin)

Pressing SHIFT + ESC interrupts the command, and VLISP displays an “input discarded” message like the following:

((_>  ; <input discarded>

(Note that in this example, you can also complete the command by entering the missing close parentheses.)

If you type text at the Console prompt, but do not press ENTER, then pressing ESC clears the text you typed. If you press SHIFT + ESC, VLISP leaves the text you entered in the Console window but displays a new prompt without evaluating the text.

If you type part of a command at the Console prompt, but activate the AutoCAD window before pressing ENTER, VLISP displays a new prompt when you next activate the VLISP window. The text you typed is visible in the Console window history, so you can copy and paste it, but you cannot retrieve the text by pressing TAB, because it was not added to the Console history buffer.