Logging Console Window Activity

You can keep a record of all Console window activity by logging the activity in a file. Later, you can view the file and review the activity that occurred in the Console window.

To control Console logging activity

  1. Create a log file by choosing File Toggle Console Log from the VLISP menu. Note that the Console window must be active for the Toggle Console Log option to be available.
  2. Choose a directory for the log file and specify a file name for the log.

    If the file already exists, VLISP displays an alert box that asks if you want to append the current log to the existing file.

    If you choose Yes, VLISP appends future Console window information to the existing contents of the file. If you choose No, VLISP overwrites the file.

  3. To close the log file and quit the logging process, choose Toggle Console Log from the File menu again.

The state of Console window logging is indicated in the Console window's title bar. If logging is in effect, VLISP displays the name of the log file in the title bar. If logging is off, no file name appears in the title bar.

If you do not close the log file before exiting VLISP, it closes the log file automatically upon exit. After a log file is closed, you can view its contents with any text editor, such as the VLISP text editor.