Continuable Break Loops

There are continuable and noncontinuable break loops in VLISP. You can enter the continuable break loop at the very first break in program execution by any of the following methods:

When the program is interrupted, you enter the break loop. This is apparent if the VLISP Console window is active, because the prompt is changed to reflect the current level of the break loop. In this suspended state, you have read-write access to all variables in the environment in which the break occurred. For example, if the break occurred within a function containing several local variable declarations, those variables are accessible and you can change their values by issuing setq assignments at the Console prompt.

When stopped at a breakpoint, you can control subsequent program execution by choosing one of the following items from the Debug menu, or by pressing the equivalent toolbar button:

The Step commands evaluate portions of program code before resuming suspended mode:

After you exit the break loop to the Console top-level, the Console prompt returns to its original form (without a number prefix).