Stack Element Lists

A stack element is an individual record or line-item history within a trace stack. There are five kinds of elements that may appear within a stack:

Function call frames and keyword frames are discussed in more detail in the following sections. These sections use the following code to demonstrate the trace stack. If you wish, you can copy this code into a VLISP editor window, set a breakpoint as indicated in the code comments, and run this sample:

(defun stack-tracing (indexVal maxVal)
   (princ "At the top of the stack-tracing function, indexVal = ")
   (princ indexVal)
   (if (< indexVal maxVal)
	(stack-tracing (1+ indexVal) maxVal)
	(princ "Reached the maximum depth.") ; place a breakpoint
										; at the beginning of
										; this line
(defun c:trace-10-deep ()
   (stack-tracing 1 10)