Displaying Information on a Trace Stack Element

To obtain more information about an element in the trace stack, select the element and right-click to display a shortcut menu.

Active items available on the shortcut menu depend on the type of stack element you selected before right-clicking. Possible menu commands include the following:


Calls the Inspect feature for the selected stack element.


Prints the stack element to the Console window.

Function Symbol

Calls the Symbol Service feature for the function call in the stack frame, if the function is called by the symbol.


Copies the selected trace stack element to the IDE global variable *obj*.

Local Variables

Displays the Frame Bindings dialog box to allow browsing of local variable values at the time the function was called; see Using the Frame Binding Window.

Source Position

Checks whether or not the source text is available for the function called at the selected stack frame. If the source code is available, the text window with the source code is displayed, with the current position inside the function highlighted.

Call Point Source

Shows the position of the caller expression, similar to Source Position.