Common Inspect Commands

The Inspect windows provide shortcut menus containing commands relevant to the data being inspected.

To display the object line shortcut menu, press ALT + 0, or right-click the object line. The following commands may be present in an object line shortcut menu:

Symbol Service

Invokes the Symbol Service feature.

Print (ALT + P)

Prints the object in the Console window.

Pretty Print

Formats and prints the object in the Console window.


Copies the object to the *obj* variable.


Copies the current contents of the Inspect dialog box to the Trace window. If logging is active, the contents are also copied to the trace log.

Update (ALT + U)

Updates the Inspect dialog box to show the most recent status of the inspected object.

The element line shortcut menu appears after highlighting the element line and right-clicking. The following commands may appear on the element line shortcut menu:

Inspect (ALT + I)

Calls Inspect and passes it the element value as an argument.

Descend (ALT + D)

Calls Inspect, passes it the element value as an argument, and closes the current Inspect window.


Copies the value of the inspected element to the *obj*variable.

View Source

Activates a text editor window containing the selected text. If the text was loaded from the Console window or from a list representation, this command activates a new text editor window.

The default command for an element line, invoked by pressing ENTER, is the Inspect command.