Use the Project Window to Navigate Your Project

In the VBA IDE, the Project window contains the name and location of the project, a folder named AutoCAD Objects, and a folder named Forms. (You might need to click Toggle Folders to see the folders.) When you open the AutoCAD Objects folder (it may already be open), you see a drawing icon and the name ThisDrawing. When you open the Forms folder (it may already be open), you see a form icon and the name gpDialog, the form you created.

You can use the Project window to navigate through code and help you identify where you are working. For example, to view the code associated with the form you created, highlight gpDialog in the Project window and click View Code.

The Code window for the form is displayed.

Now highlight ThisDrawing in the Project window. You can view the code by clicking View Code. All the code you have already entered is in this window.