Change the Size and Placement of a Control

To move a control, simply select it and drag it to its new position on the form.

To resize a control, first select the control by clicking on it once. When you select a control, its border becomes visible. To resize the control, simply select one of the sizing grips now visible on the border and drag the grip to a new position. When you release the grip, the control is resized to that location. (You can resize the form in the same manner.)

To move or resize several controls at once, select each control while holding down the SHIFT key. This will highlight all the controls. You can now move or resize the controls as a group.

To size a control as you place it

  1. Select the desired control in the control toolbox.
  2. On the form, press, drag, and release the mouse button. The selected control will be placed on the form. The size of the control depends on how far you drag the mouse.

To place several instances of the same control

  1. In the control toolbox, double-click on the control you want to place.
  2. On the form, click at the location you want a copy of the control placed. Move to another location on the form and click again. Another copy of the control will appear. You can add as many copies of the control as you need.
  3. When you are finished with the control, return to the control toolbox and click the control one more time to deselect it.