Array in 3D

With the ArrayRectangular method, you can create a rectangular array in 3D. In addition to specifying the number of columns (X direction) and rows (Y direction), you also specify the number of levels (Z direction).

For more information on using arrays of objects in 3D, see “Create an Array of Objects” in the User's Guide.

Create a 3D rectangular array

This example creates a circle and then uses that circle to create a rectangular array of four rows, four columns, and three levels of circles.

Sub Ch8_CreateRectangularArray()
	' Create the circle
	Dim circleObj As AcadCircle
	Dim center(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim radius As Double
	center(0) = 2: center(1) = 2: center(2) = 0
	radius = 0.5
	Set circleObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace. _
							AddCircle(center, radius)

	' Define the rectangular array
	Dim numberOfRows As Long
	Dim numberOfColumns As Long
	Dim numberOfLevels As Long
	Dim distanceBwtnRows As Double
	Dim distanceBwtnColumns As Double
	Dim distanceBwtnLevels As Double
	numberOfRows = 4
	numberOfColumns = 4
	numberOfLevels = 3
	distanceBwtnRows = 1
	distanceBwtnColumns = 1
	distanceBwtnLevels = 4

	' Create the array of objects
	Dim retObj As Variant
	retObj = circleObj.ArrayRectangular _
		(numberOfRows, numberOfColumns, _
		 numberOfLevels, distanceBwtnRows, _
		 distanceBwtnColumns, distanceBwtnLevels)
End Sub