Import Existing Components

Importing allows you to add an existing component to your project. You can import forms, modules, or class modules. Forms are imported as FRM files, modules are imported as BAS files, and class modules are imported as CLS files.

When you import a component file, a copy of the file you are importing is added to the project. The original file is left intact. Changes you make to the imported component do not alter the original component file.

If you import a component with the same name as an existing one, the file is added to your project with a number appended to it.

The imported component will be added to your project and will appear in the Project window. To edit the properties of the component, select that component in the Project window. The properties for the selected component will be listed and can be edited in the Properties window.

To import an existing component to your project

  1. In the Project window of the VBA IDE, select the project to which you will be adding the component.
  2. From the File menu, select Import File to open the Import File dialog box.
  3. From the Import File dialog box, select the file to import and press Open.