Split the Active Viewport

To split the active viewport, use the Split method. This method takes one parameter, the type of configuration to split the viewport into. To specify the window configuration, use one of the following constants that correspond to the default configurations previously shown: acViewport2Horizontal, acViewport2Vertical, acViewport3Left, acViewport3Right, acViewport3Horizontal, acViewport3Vertical, acViewport3Above, acViewport3Below, or acViewport4.

For further information on changing viewport configuration, see “Set Model Space Viewports” in the User's Guide.

Split a viewport into two horizontal windows

The following example creates a new viewport and then splits the viewport into two horizontal windows.

Sub Ch3_SplitAViewport()
	' Create a new viewport
	Dim vportObj As AcadViewport
	Set vportObj = ThisDrawing.Viewports.Add("TEST_VIEWPORT")

	' Split vportObj into 2 horizontal windows
	vportObj.Split acViewport2Horizontal

	' Now set vportObj to be the active viewport
	ThisDrawing.ActiveViewport = vportObj
End Sub