Access the AutoCAD Command Line

You can send commands directly to the AutoCAD command line by using the SendCommand method. The SendCommand method sends a single string to the command line. The string must contain the arguments to the command listed in the order expected by the prompt sequence of the executed command. A blank space or the ASCII equivalent of a carriage return in the string is equivalent to pressing ENTER on the keyboard. Unlike the AutoLISP environment, invoking the SendCommand method with no argument is invalid.

Send a command to the AutoCAD command line

The following example creates a circle with a center of (2, 2, 0) and a radius of 4. The drawing is then zoomed to all the geometry in the drawing. Notice that there is a space at the end of the string which represents the final ENTER to begin execution of the command.

Sub Ch3_SendACommandToAutoCAD()
   ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_Circle 2,2,0 4 "
   ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_zoom a "
End Sub