Assign the Hatch Pattern Type and Name

AutoCAD supplies a solid-fill and more than fifty industry-standard hatch patterns. Hatch patterns highlight a particular feature or area of a drawing. For example, patterns can help differentiate the components of a 3D object or represent the materials that make up an object.

You can use a pattern supplied with AutoCAD or one from an external pattern library. For a table of the hatch patterns supplied with AutoCAD, see the AutoCAD Command Reference.

To specify a unique pattern, you must enter both a pattern type and a pattern name when creating the Hatch object. The pattern type specifies where to look up the pattern name. When entering the pattern type, use one of the following constants:


Selects the pattern name from those defined in the acad.pat file.


Defines a pattern of lines using the current linetype.


Selects the pattern name from a PAT other than the acad.pat file.

When entering the pattern name, use a name that is valid for the file specified by the pattern type.