Understand How AutoCAD Saves Layer Settings

AutoCAD saves layer setting information in an extension dictionary in a drawing's Layers collection. When you first save layer settings in a drawing, AutoCAD does the following:

Each time you save another layer setting in the drawing, AutoCAD creates another XRecord object describing the saved settings and stores the XRecord in the ACAD_LAYERSTATE dictionary. The following diagram illustrates the process.

You do not need (and should not try) to interpret XRecords when working with layer settings using ActiveX. Use the functions of the LayerStateManager object to access saved layer settings.

List the saved layer settings in a drawing

If layer settings have been saved in the current drawing, the following code lists the names of all saved layer settings:

Sub Ch4_ListStates()
	 On Error Resume Next
	Dim oLSMDict As AcadDictionary
	Dim XRec As Object
	Dim layerstateNames As String

	layerstateNames = ""
	' Get the ACAD_LAYERSTATES dictionary, which is in the
	' extension dictionary in the Layers object.
	Set oLSMDict = ThisDrawing.Layers. _
	' List the name of each saved layer setting. Settings are
	' stored as XRecords in the dictionary.
	For Each XRec In oLSMDict
	 layerstateNames = layerstateNames + XRec.Name + vbCrLf
	Next XRec
	MsgBox "The saved layer settings in this drawing are: " + _
			vbCrLf + layerstateNames
End Sub