Create Multiline Text

You can create a multiline text object (MText object) by using the AddMText method. This method requires three values as input: the text string, the insertion point in the drawing to place the text, and the width of the text bounding box.

The text string is the actual text to be displayed. Unicode, control code, and special characters are accepted. The insertion point is a variant array containing three doubles representing the 3D WCS coordinate in the drawing to place the text. The width of the text is a positive number representing the width of the bounding box for the text. Width is measured in the current units.

After the MText object is created, you can apply the text height, justification, rotation angle, and style to the MText object, or apply character formatting to selected characters.

Refer to the entry on MText in the ActiveX and VBA Reference for a list of methods and properties that apply to the MText object.

To Create Multiline Text

The following code creates an MText object in model space, at the coordinate (2, 2, 0).

Sub Ch4_CreateMText()
	Dim mtextObj As AcadMText
	Dim insertPoint(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim width As Double
	Dim textString As String

	insertPoint(0) = 2
	insertPoint(1) = 2
	insertPoint(2) = 0
	width = 4
	textString = "This is a text string for the mtext object."

	' Create a text Object in model space
	Set mtextObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace. _
			 AddMText(insertPoint, width, textString)
End Sub