Use Unicode Characters, Control Codes, and Special Characters

You can use Unicode characters, control codes, and special characters in your text string to represent symbols. (All nontext characters must be entered as their ASCII equivalent.)

You can create special characters by entering the following Unicode character strings:

Unicode character descriptions

Unicode character



Degree symbol


Plus/minus tolerance symbol


Diameter dimensioning symbol

In addition to using Unicode characters for special characters, you can specify a special character by including control information in the text string. Use a pair of percent signs (%%) to introduce each control sequence. For example, the following control code works with standard AutoCAD text and PostScript fonts to draw character number nnn:


In a VB or VBA text string, this example would be entered as

Dim percent as Long
percent = ASC("%")
TextString = chr(percent) + chr(percent) + "nnn"

These control codes work with standard AutoCAD text fonts only:

Control code descriptions

Control code



Toggles overscore mode on and off


Toggles underscore mode on and off


Draws degree symbol


Draws plus and minus tolerance symbol


Draws diameter dimensioning symbol


Draws single percent sign