Create Angular Dimensions

Angular dimensions measure the angle between two lines or three points. For example, you can use them to measure the angle between two radii of a circle. The dimension line forms an arc.

To create an angular dimension, use the AddDimAngular method. This method requires three values as input: the angle vertex, the origins of the extension lines, and the text location. The AngleVertex is the center of the circle or arc, or the common vertex between the two lines being dimensioned. The origins of the extension lines are the points through which the two extension lines pass.

The AngleVertex can be the same as one of the origin points. If you need extension lines they will be added automatically.

For additional information about creating angular dimensions, see “Create Angular Dimensions” in the User's Guide.

Create an angular dimension

This example creates an angular dimension in model space.

Sub Ch5_CreateAngularDimension()
	Dim dimObj As AcadDimAngular
	Dim angVert(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim FirstPoint(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim SecondPoint(0 To 2) As Double
	Dim TextPoint(0 To 2) As Double

	' Define the dimension
	angVert(0) = 0
	angVert(1) = 5
	angVert(2) = 0
	FirstPoint(0) = 1
	FirstPoint(1) = 7
	FirstPoint(2) = 0
	SecondPoint(0) = 1
	SecondPoint(1) = 3
	SecondPoint(2) = 0
	TextPoint(0) = 3
	TextPoint(1) = 5
	TextPoint(2) = 0

	' Create the angular dimension in model space
	Set dimObj = ThisDrawing.ModelSpace. _
	 AddDimAngular(angVert, FirstPoint, SecondPoint, TextPoint)
End Sub