TextInside Property

Specifies if the dimension text is to be drawn inside the extension lines.

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Dim3PointAngular, DimAligned, DimAngular, DimArcLength, DimDiametric, DimRadial, DimRadialLarge, DimRotated
The object or objects this property applies to.


Boolean; read-write

TRUE: Force the dimension text between the extension lines.

FALSE: Draw dimension text inside the extension lines only if there is sufficient room.

System variables

This property overrides the value of the DIMTIX system variable for the given dimension.


The initial value for this property is TRUE.

Setting this property to FALSE has varying results. For linear and angular dimensions, AutoCAD places text inside the extension lines if there is sufficient room. For radius and diameter dimensions that don't fit inside the circle or arc, this property has no effect and always forces the text outside the circle or arc.