RoundDistance Property

Specifies the rounding of dimension units.

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DimAligned, DimArcLength, DimDiametric, DimOrdinate, DimRadial, DimRadialLarge, DimRotated
The object or objects this property applies to.


Double; read-write
A positive real number representing the value to round distances to. The initial value is 0.00.

System variables

This property overrides the value of the DIMRND system variable for the given dimension.


This property rounds all dimensioning distances to the specified value. For instance, if this property is set to 0.25, the distance is rounded to the nearest 0.25 unit. If you set this property to 1.0, the distance for the dimension is rounded to the nearest integer. Note that the number of digits edited after the decimal point depends on the precision set by the PrimaryUnitsPrecision property or DIMDEC system variable. This property does not apply to angular dimensions.