PlotPolicy Property

Determines whether an object's color property is associated with its plot style name when a new drawing is created.

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The object or objects this property applies to.


acPlotPolicy enum; read-write


An object's plot style name is associated with its color per the naming convention ACIx, where x is the color number of the object according to the AutoCAD Color Index.


No association is made between color and plot style name. Plot style name for each object is set to the default defined in the DefaultPlotStyleForObjects property.

System variables

The value for this property is stored in the PSTYLEPOLICY system variable.


The initial value for this property is acPolicyNamed.

If you want to change the default plot style behavior for a drawing, enter either acPolicyLegacy or acPolicyNamed before opening or creating the drawing. Changing the default plot style behavior using this property only affects new drawings or drawings created in a previous release of AutoCAD that have never been saved in AutoCAD 2000 or later format. This setting is saved with the drawing. You can change the default behavior for a drawing from acPolicyLegacy to acPolicyNamed once it is saved by using a migration utility. However, once a drawing is saved with acPolicyNamed as the default behavior, you cannot change it to acPolicyLegacy.


Specifies color-dependent plot styles in both new drawings and drawings created in earlier versions of AutoCAD. Color-dependent plot styles use the numbers from the AutoCAD color index to create a plot style table with a CTB file extension. Each color is defined by a name or number ranging from 1 to 255. You can assign each color number to a different pen on a pen plotter to achieve different property settings in the plotted drawing. If this option is entered, a plot style is created for each color setting.


Specifies named plot styles in both new drawings and drawings created in earlier versions of AutoCAD. AutoCAD plots the drawing according to the property settings you specify in the plot style definition. The plot style is defined in the plot style table attached to the layout or viewport. Named plot style tables are files with the file extension STB.