Open Method

Opens an existing drawing file (DWG) and makes it the active document.

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object.Open Name[, ReadOnly][, Password]


Documents, Document
The object or objects this method applies to.


The full path and file name, or a valid URL address, of the drawing file to open. If the drawing is in the folder specified by the SupportPath property, then the path is not needed and the file name is sufficient.


Variant; input-only; optional; Documents collection only
Default setting: FALSE

TRUE: Opens the drawing as a read-only drawing.

FALSE: Opens the drawing as a read-write drawing.


Variant; optional
Password to open an encrypted drawing.


It is recommended that you save the current drawing before calling this method.

This method opens AutoCAD drawing files only. Use the Import method to open SAT, EPS, DXF, WMF, or BMP format files.

When working in MDI mode, you should always use the Open method from the Documents collection.

When accessing a secure URL, a dialog box prompts the user for the necessary password information. Message boxes appear if the user has not suppressed this activity in the browser.

When downloading a file, AutoCAD creates a temporary file for internal processing. Do not attempt to access this temporary file. Information in this file is deleted at the end of the AutoCAD session.