Name Property

Specifies the name of the object.

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Application, Block, BlockRef, Dictionary, DimStyle, Document, ExternalReference, Group, Layer, Layout, Linetype, Material, MenuGroup, MInsertBlock, MLeaderStyle, ModelSpace, PaperSpace, PlotConfiguration, PopupMenu, Raster, RegisteredApplication, SelectionSet, Section, Shape, TextStyle, Toolbar, ToolbarItem, UCS, View, Viewport, XRecord
The object or objects this property applies to.


Read-write for the following objects: Block, BlockRef, Dictionary, DimStyle, Group, Layer, Layout, Linetype, Material, MLeaderStyle, PlotConfiguration, PopupMenu, Raster, RegisteredApplication, Section, Shape, Toolbar, ToolbarItem, UCS, View, Viewport, XRecord.

Read-only for the following objects: Application, Document, MenuGroup, ModelSpace, PaperSpace, SelectionSet, TextStyle.


Application, Document: This property returns the file name only, not the path.

ToolbarItem: This name is used as the tooltip text.

MenuGroup: The name is limited to 32 characters and cannot contain spaces or punctuation marks.

Raster: This property is similar to the ImageFile property, except that this property does not contain path information.

XRecord: The name of the object within the dictionary in which it resides. This name does not represent the class name of the object.

BlockRef: A block reference can be assigned the name of only a valid block definition in the drawing. Assigning a block reference a unique name will not automatically create a new block definition. To create a new block definition, use the Add method to add a new Block object to the Blocks collection.