Mask Property

Specifies the layer properties to be restored.

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A LayerStateManager object.


enum; input-only
A number representing the layer properties to be restored. Use the constants in the following table to identify layer properties:

Layer Property
Numeric Value
acLsAll  All layer properties  65535
acLsColor  Color  32
acLsFrozen  Frozen or thawed  2
acLsLineType  Linetype  64
acLsLineWeight  Lineweight  128
acLsLocked  Locked or unlocked  4
acLsNewViewport  New viewport layers frozen or thawed  16
acLsNone  None  0
acLsOn  On or off  1
acLsPlot  Plotting on or off  8
acLsPlotStyle  Plot style  256


The LayerStateManager Restore method uses the Mask property to identify which layer properties are to be restored. You first set the Mask property when saving layer settings with the LayerStateManager Save method. However, the Save method actually saves all properties of each drawing layer. You can update the Mask property any time prior to restoring layer settings, thereby changing which layer properties are restored.

To specify multiple layer properties in the Mask, add the constants representing those properties. For example, to save the Color and LineType properties, specify the following:

acLsColor + acLsLineType