Item Method

Gets the member object at a given index in a collection, group, or selection set.

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RetVal = object.Item(Index)


All Collections, Group, SelectionSet
The object or objects this method applies to.


Variant; input-only
The index location in the collection for the member item to query.
The index must be either an integer or a string. If an integer, the index must be between 0 and N-1, where N is the number of objects in the collection or selection set.


The object at the given index location in the collection or selection set.


This method supports string-based iteration. For example, if a block named BLOCK1 was created with the following statement:

Set block1 = Blocks.Add("BLOCK1")

you could reference the object through the following statement:

Set whichblock = Blocks.Item("BLOCK1")

NOTE The Item method is case-sensitive when used with the SelectionSets collection; it is not case-sensitive for other collections.

Dictionaries: The return value type for this method is IAcadObject. This allows you to retrieve named objects from the dictionaries collection that are not of the type AcadDictionary.