Height Property

Changes the height of the attribute, helix, shape, text, or underlay object, the view toolbar, or the main application window.

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Application, Attribute, AttributeReference, DwfUnderlay, Helix, MText, PViewport, Raster, Shape, Text, TextStyle, Toolbar, Viewport, View
The object or objects this property applies to.


Double (except for the Application and Toolbar objects for which it is an integer)
Read-write (except for the Toolbar and Raster objects that are read-only)
This must be a positive, non-negative number.


Application: The height of the main application window in pixels.

MText, Text: The height of the uppercase text. Height is measured in the current units. The Height property is used as a scale factor for both the height and width of the text.



Raster: The height of the raster image in pixels.

Viewport: The height of a viewport is the Y axis measurement of the viewport frame.

View: The height of a view is the Y axis measurement of the area within a viewport that is used to display the model.