GetXRecordData Method

Gets the extended record data (XRecordData) associated with a dictionary.

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object.GetXRecordData XRecordDataType, XRecordDataValue


Dictionary; XRecord
The object or objects this method applies to.


Variant (array of shorts); output-only


Variant (array of variants); output-only


XRecord objects are used to store and manage arbitrary data. This object is similar in concept to XData but is not limited by size or order.

Unlike XData, XRecords work with the standard AutoCAD group codes which are all below 1000 in value. All the standard AutoCAD group codes are supported. This means that, in addition to all the normally used data types, an XRecord is capable of storing object IDs, which allows XRecords to own other objects including other XRecords.

The following group codes are common to all XRecord objects:

Group codes


100  Subclass marker (AcDbXrecord) 
1-369 (except 5 and 105)  These values can be used by an application in any way.