GetRemoteFile Method

Downloads the file specified by a URL.

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object.GetRemoteFile URL, LocalFile, IgnoreCache


The object or objects this method applies to.


String; input-only
The URL of the file to download.


String; output-only
The file at the specified URL.



TRUE: Download even if the file has already been transferred in this session.

FALSE: Do not download if the file has already been transferred in this session.


If you maintain a list of files that have already been downloaded in the current or a previous session (a cache), it may be more efficient to avoid a duplicate transfer and make a copy of the locally available file instead. You can explicitly force a download by setting the IgnoreCache parameter to TRUE, in which case the cache will be bypassed altogether.

When accessing a secure URL, a dialog box will be posted prompting the user for the necessary password information. Message boxes will also appear if the user has not suppressed this activity in the browser.

When downloading a file, AutoCAD creates a temporary file for internal processing. Do not attempt to access this temporary file. Information in this file is deleted at the end of the AutoCAD session.