ElevateOrder Method

Elevates the order of the spline to the given order.

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object.ElevateOrder Order




Integer; input-only
A positive value greater than the current order. The maximum order is 26.


The order of a spline is equal to the degree of the spline plus one (+1). You can query the degree of the spline by using the Degree property.

Entering a value greater than the current value increases the number of control points uniformly across the spline for more localized control. Once a spline order has been elevated, it cannot be reduced.

When a spline is elevated, it is converted from an interpolated (fit) spline to a control point spline. This means that after elevation, the spline no longer has fit tangents and the StartTangent and EndTangent properties for the spline are no longer accessible. The only way to edit a control point spline is through the ControlPoints property, or the SetControlPoint or GetControlPoint methods.