BeginShortcutMenuEdit Event

Triggered after the user right-clicks on the drawing window, and before the shortcut menu appears in edit mode.

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object.BeginShortcutMenuEdit(ShortcutMenu, SelectionSet)


Document object
An object expression that evaluates to a valid container object. In this case, the only valid container is a document.


PopupMenu object; input/output from the handler
The shortcut menu about to be displayed.


SelectionSet object; input/output from the handler
The pickfirst selection set.


This event allows you to make changes to the shortcut menu before it is displayed. To make changes to the shortcut menu, edit the PopupMenu object that is passed in to your handler from the event. This same PopupMenu object is passed out of the handler as the current shortcut menu. Use the EndShortcutMenu event to perform any cleanup work on the shortcut menu.

There is a selection set active but no command in progress when this event is triggered.

This event is triggered after all shortcut menu elements, including any ObjectARX command additions, have occurred.

No events will be fired while a modal dialog is being displayed.